Project Reveal – The Modern Balinese Villa

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on December 12, 2022

A cross generational villa, one that weaves a unique story by bringing together memories, experiences and interests! The modern balinese villa is a confluence of various design styles and personalities and one that deftly ties together a narrative that’s not just unique but also bold and breathtaking!

Navneeth a sports presenter for The Royal Challengers and his wife Deepthi got in touch with us when they had initially decided the move from the city into a green villa community in the suburbs of Bangalore. We met while the villa was still bare bones and in the initial stages of construction and what ensued was an almost yearlong association which led to one of our best works in how representative it was of their likes and travels and interests while at the same time marrying the functionality a cross generational home needs!

One of the unique challenges for us as a design team in this project was straddling the needs and aesthetic of a younger generation with that of their parents who also lived in the same villa. Navneeth and Deepthi both liked the clean modern earthy feel of Balinese Villas and wanted to reinterpret the same in the Indian context while also being able to give a nod to the South Indian heritage they came from and one that was dear to their parents.

The entire home straddles this beautifully and what you are left with is an eclectic and tasteful mix that’s equally personal as it is collected and designed.

The home itself is spread across three levels but in terms of square footage isn’t too large which made it challenging to define spaces while still retaining a feeling of expansiveness and open plan which the clients wanted. Here’s a quick walkthrough of the villa.


The living room flips the layout and works with a rather unconventional approach of walking into a large statement gallery wall of frames that also houses the TV. In a narrow and long living room, this meant we had to use the space cleverly to create both a dramatic view and also to maximise function.

The gallery wall of large art pieces with a massive Noguchi replica makes for a dramatic entrance into the home. A suspended track light throws light on the beautiful pieces of art that highlight the stone clad wall.

The seating comprises of a collection of simple, modern and classic pieces of furniture. A walnut veneer clad sofa cleverly makes for an attractive back to walk in to and is complimented by a danish modern inspired armchair on one side and a cane back curved chair on the other. A striking black chinese cabinet and a bold oriental rug grounds the double height volume beautifully!

Dining & Kitchen

The dining and the kitchen open into the large green front in the villa and a clean teak and white palette with references of heritage and art make it a grounded and personal space for the family.

A collection of Athangudi tile prints frame the dining area and contrast with the modern furniture and lighting.

The kitchen builds on the modern yet earthy vibe of the home and features a sharp clean palette of whites and wood with rich veneer clad cabinets.

Guest Bedroom

The lower level of the triplex villa houses the guest bedroom adjoining the kitchen and dining spaces. It continues the simple palette of pastel tones and rich wood to create a clean modern space.

A beautiful slatted veneer clads the headboard creating a simple yet elevated moment to walk into.

Tea Room

The first floor of the villa features a beautiful and cozy tea room that Deepthi wanted in the home. Reminiscent of the tea rooms in Oriental culture and from Deepthi’s time in Singapore, the small space is visioned as a space for the family to come together over a cup of tea. The entire room is enveloped in warm grey paint and houses a bold orange red oriental cabinet to display tea boxes and knick knacks.

A cane sofa and teak wood chairs create a cozy comfortable seating area with tray tables in the center. A black and white piece of art from Anushka Kalro offers sharp contrast.

Parents Bedroom & Bathroom

The parents bedroom takes a beautiful oriental meets Indian inspired approach. A partition screen inspired by oriental folding partitions is clad in a Sabyasachi wallpaper and acts as a headboard for the poster bed. Gray toned oriental cabinets form bedside tables.

On the other end a traditional chest of drawers and cane back chair bring in function.

The bathroom is a clean simple space with a beautiful walnut toned vanity.

Primary Bedroom & Bathroom

The primary bedroom situated on the second floor is imagined as a private haven for Navneeth & Deepthi. Navneeth wanted us to create an organic earthy refuge in their primary ensuite and we surprised Deepthi with the space. Earthy wood beams, lime plastered walls and a kilim rug come together in this subtle and calm space.

A leaning wood mirror and a small desk on the opposite wall round off the space.

The bathroom brings home the balinese earthy vibe with a insitu concrete sink and cement look tiles. The ceiling is clad in a beautiful rattan weave and black beams that make the space a haven away from the mundane.

Media Room

The media room is a small space that opens into a private terrace and is designed as a space for the couple to watch a game and entertain friends. A deep rich green clads the room and a bold botanical wallpaper takes over  the wall behind the TV.

Two chaises anchor the space and make for the perfect perch for a game of cricket!

This home allowed us to push creative boundaries and create a home that blends aesthetics, function and style while still telling a unique story. We hope you enjoyed walking through this home with us 🙂

See you here next time…..Vinithra

All pics shot by Shamanth Patil.