Project Reveal – The Modern Scandi Apartment – Part I

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on October 25, 2019

A perfectly Scandinavian inspired home in the middle of Whitefield, Bangalore. So scandi that when we did the open house, one of the people who walked in said it felt like their sister in laws Stockholm apartment 🙂

We got here over a design journey that was fun and engaging. I don’t think we could have got here if it wasn’t for the trust our clients had in us and the focused vision we all shared for this home!

This was also the first project where Lavanya worked with me through the entire project from start to finish and I’m going to share here a few of my favorite aspects of this project before handing over to her to take you through how this home came together and the lovely details.

If you follow me and have seen our work, you would know how much I love working on open floor plans and creating distinct spaces within a larger living space without compromising the flow and the openness of the area.
In this home from the moment I first walked in, that was the one thing that struck me most! The first thing I imagined when I saw this space was an island that connects the kitchen and the living and I must say this is possibly my favorite element in this home!

I love the palette we used which is largely neutral but punctuated with pops of color and some lovely modern art prints. The gallery wall for the study is another favorite…. simple but comes together beautifully!
My other favorite is the round back chairs we custom made inspired by the Room and Board Chloe chair and it’s my favorite piece of furniture in the house 🙂


The Modern Scandi Reveal – Part 1

Greetings everyone! This is Lavanya and I can’t wipe that smile off my face while I type the fact that I’m the Design Assistant at Weespaces Interiors 😉
It’s my absolute pleasure to walk you through the journey of this home’s design and my mind is bubbling with snippets that I’m going to dish out. Firsts are always special and the Modern Scandi home, our stellar clients and this whole creative journey will be something that I’ll always hold close to my heart!

We’ve decided on presenting this much-awaited project with a two-part reveal (I know, we always make you come back for more 😉). The first part of the reveal will cover zones like the entryway, large open floorplan kitchen, living, dining zone and the balcony nook.


This little entryway was a preface of sorts to the entire design palette. We worked towards ensuring that we brought in both function and visual impact with each of the elements while staying true to the personality of the home.

A large striking botanical piece of art is the first thing you see when walking into the home and it totally has our hearts! The hairpin leg bench with an Aztec print upholstered top in neutral tones brings that dose of pattern into the space.

A solid wood and black metal console against the oversized minimal round mirror give the entryway a bold yet minimal vibe. And a monochrome striped runner by Ikea grounds the whole space and gives it that chic touch!


The living, kitchen and dining are blessed with an open floorplan which allows one to experience all three spaces at once while taking in each for what it is. The living section of the home has a quintessential scandi palette in terms of neutral tones with little pops of color, large scale artwork, clean-lined furniture and a light-airy feel.

Let’s take a moment to swoon over this monochrome shag carpet which was a suggestion pitched by the lady of the home and we’d say she hit it out of the park with this one! We love it when our clients have a vision regarding something and it all comes together so effortlessly.

The grey-toned sofa demarcates the living space and is so well complemented by the custom midnight blue round back chairs. We paneled the TV wall in a German oak finish that gives the space that added sense of warmth. We even went ahead and changed the laminate on all the door frames and shutters to match the smoky tone the TV panels had to maintain the lightwood tone across the spaces.

Art has played such a vital role in adding that element of detail and pulling the spaces together. The minimalistic color-blocked print in the living picks up on the color palette beautifully and its scale is what gives it the strong presence it has!


During the open house what we heard a lot whenever anyone walked through the dining area was “This looks like its straight out of a picture-perfect magazine/catalogue/design board!” and we couldn’t have been more thrilled! In all honesty, the beauty of this nook lies in the acclaimed principle of Less is More. The simple yet impactfully designed built-in crockery unit is the hero of this space. We initially had dark-stained wooden shelves and shutters. But it was Vinnie’s call to have them painted all white and voila! What a difference that simple change has made 😊

We added in a hint of color with the background wall being made a lovely crossover between a mint green and a powder blue. The fluted glass shutters flanking the gorgeous white open shelves give the whole unit such a weightless appearance with no compromise on function whatsoever!

The natural wood tone dining table exudes a modern vibe and the white Eames chairs carry through the simple scandi vibe. A custom exposed bulb pendant fixture adds a hint of edginess to the whole look!
The geometric abstract art print on the wall looks like it was made just for this ensemble. Serendipitous moments that make our hearts soar with joy. 😊


Are we allowed favorites in a space where every niche is curated with so much love? Well, I guess we are! I’m in complete agreement with Vinnie when she says that the open kitchen and the island are the show stoppers and personal favorites!

The island makes for the perfect spot to stay connected to the family space while getting tasks done in the kitchen. It’s that spot in the home towards which everyone will organically gravitate. Be it for a quick morning breakfast or just over a chat at the end of the day with a glass of wine. 😉
It’s ideal while hosting loved ones and friends because this entire kitchen-dining-living triad doubles up as an entertainment zone; spaces that beckon one to move around and to interact!

The base of the island has been finished off in a laminate shade that matches the light oak hue of the doors of the home and the paneled TV wall. We love the visual harmony!

A transitional style-inspired blue and off-white tile adorns the walls of our sleek white kitchen. Our clients were intrinsically a part of the tile selection process and we all knew the visual presence the tile would have in the space kudos to the open floor plan. The kitchen section looks directly into the living area and that was one of the first few spaces we put down on the design board to see how it would all come together!

I remember working on the first draft of the drawings and thinking – “If we pull this off, this would be incredible!” and I believe we’ve delivered!

Matte white cabinetry units with suave black and stainless-steel hardware give the kitchen a clean modern feel! The white quartz on the kitchen countertops and island further build on the all-white aesthetic of this zone! We can confidently say that this part of the home is the soul of the space.

Balcony Nook

It’s sometimes as simple as giving a small corner of one’s home that touch of personalization and giving it room to grow. The apartment in this case was blessed with a running fixed glass wall on the façade which opens into the main balcony from the dining area.

The main balcony has been envisioned as a sit-out section for the young couple and frames boundless views of the city while they settle down every day with their cuppas!

We hung a cane swing as it was one of the ‘must-have items’ for our clients. A sky-blue round top metal table adds that element of fun to the space and brightens up the nook!

This brings us to the end of the first part of the reveal of the Modern Scandi! I hope that I’ve been able to share with you the moments and details that have made us fall in love with every aspect of this home! 😊
We promise to come back here real soon to fill you in on all the details of the bedrooms of the house and how they’ve each managed to become spaces that have a strong sense of personality while retaining the DNA of the rest of this home. Stay Tuned, a whole lot of design detail coming your way!

All Pictures Shot by Parth Swaminath