Home Tour – Susanne’s stunning Scandinavian abode!

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on January 27, 2017

Next up in our home tour series, a tour of a bright, modern Scandinavian inspired home! Susanne and Peter are from Denmark and you can see the apparent Danish influences in all the lovely pieces around the home from the modern classic Stingray rocker to the iconic Wegner round chair!

The home itself is a treat to the eye in its modern minimalist design! But what stands out and makes it unique are all the personal touches and vignettes that the couple have added from their many travels from the elephant print and other paintings to the small objets de art sprinkled through the home!

Modern, Classic, Scandinavian…this home is striking and reflects the bright generous and welcoming personalities of its owners!


Here’s more about Susanne’s decorating style and her influences…

Style & Inspiration

Our style is typical Scandinavian, with a mix of danish design and IKEA. We like white and bright colors, mainly because we see very little sunlight during autumn/winter (6 months a year).

The use of blue between all of the white, symbolizes the ocean. Denmark is surrounded by sea and it is one of the few things that we miss very much.

Most of the pictures/art on the walls are memories from our trips around the world. We have masks from Brazil, dancers from Cuba, elephant from Sri Lanka, cycling ladies from Vietnam etc.


Favorite piece/element/item

My favorite piece of furniture is the Stingray, my rocking chair, not particularly comfortable to sit in, but I love the design. Peter’s favorite piece is the Wegner chair, which he inherited from his grandmother. It is a very old classic design chair and it is still produced and sold all over the world.


First big purchase/biggest splurge

Our first biggest purchase was the dining table and the chairs. The table is designed by Piet Hein and is called “the Ellipse” and the chairs are called “7`eren” designed by Arne Jacobsen. I love the design! It’s a simple streamlined design. The steel legs and the white surface are very practical. You can stack the chairs and wash them when they get dirty and the table has very few scratches, though is has gone through a lot!


Influence of your family on your style

Most of our furniture is practical and meant to be used and we have had that in mind, whenever we have purchased something for our home.


Dream Buys

Though I do like classic danish design, I will probably go for something more modern and less expensive next time.

HAY is a fairly new Danish design company (founded 2002). They are inspired by the classic designers but work with new technologies and new materials and cater to the changing lifestyle. I love their designs, both in furniture and accessories and will probably go for that next time I need something for my home.