Full Service Design

Our full-service design is a white glove service that works with you from start to finish to meet your specific needs and incorporates everything from conceptualization to putting in place every last detail.

We work with you from the initial stages of a project to define layouts, flow, architectural and space management details to bringing in the finer details like pieces of furniture, lighting, window treatments and styling your home ready for you to move in!

Our design process focuses on collaborative thinking, understanding your lifestyle and personality to best marry functionality with aesthetics and create spaces that are unique and true to who you are! Along with the collaborative and visual nature of our design process we also use tools like 3D views and detailed design boards to share our vision for the space and fine tune design.

Please click here to set up a consultation and site visit with us.

Other Services


Much like our full-service design service, we also undertake transformative remodels and makeovers to breathe a new lease of life into your spaces.

We plan our remodels to include demolitions, structural changes and accommodate for redesigns in layout while working with you on developing detailed designs to bring in a new look and feel to the space.

Remote Design

As a design firm we are able to work on projects across locations both within India and overseas. We are experienced in designing a project remotely and being able to handhold our clients and execution partners through the design process to ensure that our vision takes life!

Wee By The Hour

Our version of your design 101! Our hourly consults are available to book with a minimum of 5 hours that allows us enough time to collaborate with you on anything that you may need, to work through a design challenge or make your space feel complete!

From working with you on defining layouts, color choices, the right paint to enabling you in making larger decisions like structural changes, material choices and more, this is a great way to engage with us when you need limited intervention or engagement in very early stages of your project.