The Contemporary Craftsman Apartment

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on March 28, 2023

A 1400 sq ft apartment in a busy Bangalore suburb and a young family that was seeking a classic home for a refuge. Saini and Sampath are self-declared home bodies and they wanted a home that was comfortable, cozy, inspired by a traditional craftsman style within the trappings of a small city apartment. We came in with a very clear brief and very engaged and very involved clients and what ensued was a design process filled with the best kind of collaborative energy and a shared vision to create something that felt transportive in nature. Saini loved the classic and... Read more

The Midcentury meets Tropical Kochi pied-a-terre

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on

Our clients are a family based in the US and connected with us after seeing some of our past work and resonating with it. They desired a clean modern home but one that brought in facets of their Indian heritage, color and art in a way that was intentional and curated. Ajith a doctor based in California and his wife Indu an educator reached out to us in early 2021 to design their apartment in Kochi. It was a place meant for them to stay in during their travels back home and also as a home for their parents in... Read more

Project Reveal – The New Victorian Remodel

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on January 30, 2023

Located in an old quiet neighbourhood tucked behind busy streets is this 30 year old ancestral home where our client grew up as a child. Years later when the larger family moved out and Nandish made this his own family home, we had our job cut out to remodel and nurture this home to function for the present day and his young family. One of our challenges as well as design inspiration came from the need to retain the old world charm and character of the home while marrying it with functionality, freshness and personality for the new generation of... Read more

Project Reveal – The California Casual Home

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on January 16, 2023

Set in a verdant green expanse in small town Belgaum this home brings forth a warm, welcoming and relaxed California aesthetic! Our clients young professionals working in Bangalore after the initial days of the pandemic made the decision to move to a smaller city – Belgaum and embraced the slower pace of life, abundant green and the support of family! We signed up to transform this almost 3500 Sq ft bare shell apartment into a home that’s young, fresh and modern with a distinct California casual vibe! Being our young home buyers first home this was a home designed with... Read more

Project Reveal – The Modern Balinese Villa

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on December 12, 2022

A cross generational villa, one that weaves a unique story by bringing together memories, experiences and interests! The modern balinese villa is a confluence of various design styles and personalities and one that deftly ties together a narrative that's not just unique but also bold and breathtaking! Navneeth a sports presenter for The Royal Challengers and his wife Deepthi got in touch with us when they had initially decided the move from the city into a green villa community in the suburbs of Bangalore. We met while the villa was still bare bones and in the initial stages of construction... Read more

Project Reveal – The Modern Tropical Chic Home

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on December 8, 2022

An expansive 3 bedroom apartment is located in a busy area of North Bangalore amidst new high-rises and offices that opens its doors into a surprisingly breezy tropical chic escape........Welcome to the Modern Tropical Chic Home! Our clients Sidharth and Prerana were relocating from the States and chose this apartment to create a home after their move back to India. From the time we met and in our initial discussions we knew their love for travel, beaches and a relaxed casual aesthetic with a vibrant feel. They already owned some beautiful art pieces and our jumping off point for the... Read more

Project Reveal – The Organic Modern Home

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on March 30, 2022

We met Prateek and Archana who happened to be friends of one of our clients just around the time we were completing and handing over the project. We signed up to transform their 4 bedroom apartment in Bangalore and the brief was to have a home that was minimal and simple but with a laidback bohemian and restful vibe. Our clients wanted a space with a simple airy and organic aesthetic while at the same time punctuated with punches of color to bring in vibrance and energy to the space! We strived to create a home that’s largely woven around... Read more

Project Reveal – The Modern Classic Home

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on March 4, 2022

This home was one of our longest running projects and while we did most of the designing through the pandemic, the home has evolved through the changes our clients saw and the design subsequently. That being said, the vision of creating a space that’s fresh, modern and luxurious in a livable way stayed through the design process. The design is built with classic forms and shapes but with a fresh modern perspective. We embraced the idea of everyday laidback luxury in the spaces bringing in luxe materials that also feel accessible like linens, marble, leather and wool rugs all juxtaposed... Read more

Project Reveal – The Colorful Contemporary Villa

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on December 21, 2021

I’m back here after long! And this time with a fun, beautiful and relaxed home that’s packed with punchy colors and clean lines but at the same time straddles modern and contemporary effortlessly! This villa is a classic example of a home for a young family and their parents where the design language though primarily driven by the aesthetic choices of the younger residents beautifully marries and brings home the classic forms of traditional design. There are thoughtful details woven with the clean modern lines and bold colors. We worked with Menaka and Andy remotely on this project and the... Read more

Project Reveal – The European Farmhouse Villa – Private Spaces

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on October 26, 2021

If you have had the chance to walk through the living spaces of this villa, you know how nuanced and beautiful the spaces are and how true to character we have tried to keep the home. The private spaces are no different and bring in the same old world charm and character in a fresh modern and restrained way! They set a mood, tell a story and most of all feel like home :) Vinithra Before we take you up the stairs into the larger private spaces, the ground floor houses a bedroom that we treated as the couple's parents... Read more