Project Reveal – The Colorful Contemporary Villa

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on December 21, 2021

I’m back here after long! And this time with a fun, beautiful and relaxed home that’s packed with punchy colors and clean lines but at the same time straddles modern and contemporary effortlessly!

This villa is a classic example of a home for a young family and their parents where the design language though primarily driven by the aesthetic choices of the younger residents beautifully marries and brings home the classic forms of traditional design. There are thoughtful details woven with the clean modern lines and bold colors.

We worked with Menaka and Andy remotely on this project and the home resonates Menaka’s love for geometry and color, the traditional influences from her parents and the modern functionality that Andy was seeking!

Here’s a walkthrough of this home with me 🙂

The entryway is a small space that opens into a large double height living room and we wanted to keep the space simple, functional and crisp!

The wall has framed photographs clicked by Menaka on their travels and a simple wood bench with a shelf for stacking shoes completes this functional nook.

Living Room
Walking straight in, the double height living room frames your view with a warm grid ceiling that explores simple clean lines with the warmth of humble plywood, treated and polished to create a striking effect!

We used tones of blue to work through the entire living room with an ombre blue toned wallpaper that sits behind the TV and a striking black and white bone inlay console framing it.

A bold indigo rug grounds the floor and a soft ocean blue daybed offers subtle contrast. The neutral sofa and tan armchairs offset the bold art that sits on the double height wall!
The double height wall is flanked by open industrial inspired wall mounted shelves that fill the volume in the space and offer a space for the family to display memorabilia!

Organic banana fiber pendants in amorphous shapes form a gentle fluid contrast to the geometric straight lines all around.

This is a space that’s unafraid of color and yet offers the restraint we love working with in all our designs!

Dining/ Puja & Kitchen
The dining and the adjoining puja alongside the kitchen form the heart of the family’s common spaces and bring in the traditional nuances in this home.

The dining sitting adjacent to the puja has a simple teak wood dining table and cane back chairs. A brass lotus pendant frames the dining area and creates a segue into the puja room. The ceiling in the puja mimics the lotus shape of the pendant while the rich wood and etched glass doors create an interesting visual tie with the tile pattern and the wood tones in the kitchen.

This is one of my favorite elements in the home where finer details across the various spaces tie together to tell a cohesive story.

The kitchen opposite the puja area was a closed space. We opened the wall up and created an open kitchen with a beautiful wood tone island and a quartz waterfall countertop!

The wall tiles in the kitchen bring in a traditional shape and pattern with the tile and the same shape is echoed in the etched glass inserts of the puja door.


Parents bedroom
The parents bedroom in the ground floor is dressed in tones of wood and pastel blues and beige. The chevron wood bed is framed by a pastel blue morrocan trellis inspired wallpaper and amber pendants to create a restful space.


Family room
The family room is bathed in moody grey tones and punchy colorful art! The lines are clean inspired by mid-century furniture and the art in the house also has the same punchy retro mid-century vibe!

The seating comprises of a grey sofa, blue velvet chairs that make for a comfortable lounge seat and a fun patterned floral bench seat! The rug is playful and packs in color to make the space feel informal and vibrant.

Kids bedroom
The kids room shared by two little boys is a bold, geometric and vibrant! A fun wall painted in tones of blues, a half wall running across the room and warm wood beds make for a chic boys room! The room maximizes storage by offering closets for each of the boys and a long shared desk space in the center.

A reading nook and an outdoor terrace makes this space perfect 🙂

Master bedroom and walk in closet
This might be my favorite room in this home….beachy, relaxed and so calming it feels like a retreat!

Menaka and Andy wanted this space to feel relaxed and remind them of the beach. The room is dressed in neutral tones, cane and light blues. An ochre chaise lounge set in the corner makes for a spot to lounge.

Relaxed linen, beachy neutral tones and simple cane stools bring in a sense of laidback luxe to the space. Opposite the bed we have a beautiful rattan and wood chest of drawers with a rope mirror hanging above.

Every detail in this room tells a story and brings the space together!

The walk in wardrobe is a beautiful U shaped walk in with a vanity in the center. Light wood tones and a blue and white wallpaper on the walls extend the tones of the master into the walk in closet!

Home Office
The home office sits next to the home theatre room on the third level of the villa.
A large wood desk set by the window looking out into the open green sits next to a built in bar in deep Prussian blue!

Rich leather chairs and a large bookshelf make for a spot to relax with a drink and a book!

I love how the home office came together. It creates a relaxed yet definite vibe.

This has been a project that allowed us to play with color in ways that we had not before. Its fun, fresh and vibrant and flows beautifully from one space to another even being a three level villa!

I hope you enjoyed reading about this home as much I did sharing all about it 🙂


All pics shot by Shamanth Patil