Hometour – Anne’s Traditional with a dose of Cali Chic!

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on April 21, 2017

I met Anne through a common friend but had no idea of her love for design and decor! When I decided to start a home tour section on our blog, my friend connected us saying ‘Anne’s home is a work of art!’. And you will see as we go along, it sure is 🙂

Sean, Anne and their beautiful son Dominic recently moved to Bangalore. And Anne has taken the time to set up this beautiful home with a lot of furniture and accessories purchased locally in addition to what they had.

Having grown up in California,  Anne brings in a generous dose of relaxed chic California style to their otherwise traditional home! Blended beautifully the space is warm, inviting and filled with stylish elements all through. A walk through brings up a variety of styles from coastal chic, eclectic boho to california glam all effortlessly mashed up to create a space as beautiful as the family that lives in it!

Go on and enjoy the tour!

Here’s more about Anne”s decorating style and her influences…

Style – An eclectic blend of boho, soft glam with a bit of California thrown in (which is where I’m originally from).

Inspiration – I am inspired mostly by nature, my travels and textiles.

Favorite piece/element/item –  My wooden dining table. It’s solid, simple and beautiful. It’s also the center of many of the activities and and where i generally congregate with family and friends in my home.

First big purchase/biggest splurge – Our home by the beach in Los Angeles.

Influence of your family on your style –  You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics and design for functionality. I have an active 5 year old who loves to bounce from sofa to chair to sofa. Thats why I chose durable dark sofas and kid proof carpets that can be cleaned easily. There are so many choices out there.

Dream buys – A customized Viking stove and customized walk-in closet.


Weestyled – How to style a family friendly living room?

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on April 1, 2017


One of the questions I get asked most often is how can I have a living room that’s stylish but at the same time kid friendly.

And while I must admit our definition of style must change after kids, it’s absolutely possible to still have a stylish well-designed living room.

Stylish doesn’t have to mean a murano glass vase teetering on a three legged gold side table or a pristine white sheepskin thrown on your chair! There are many ways to do stylish while still making the space comfortable for a family to hang out.

Here are my 5 favorite tips!

1. Knock off the coffee table

It instantly makes your room feel larger, allows for more space to move around and makes for a cozy yet comfortable living area! Get down on the rug with your kids to play a board game, have your kids play legos and throw a few floor cushions/poufs when you have guests!

Well if you really must have one, consider an upholstered ottoman instead. Top it with a tray to serve food and drinks or use it as a footrest while watching your favorite show, the soft edges make it kid friendly and offer extra seating all in one!


2. Invest in a good quality soft rug with color and pattern

If you are a parent, you know that a busy pattern is your friend! Hides spills and stains like a pro while still looking good…what’s not to love!

Think soft wool rugs in medium tone rich colors, vintage Kilims/Persian rugs, carpet tiles or cotton dhurries in bright colors and pattern.

They help ground the whole room and are a great way to bring in color and pattern!


3. Keep large pieces of furniture neutral and comfortable

A sofa that’s neutral and has good bones is the backbone of a well-styled and kid friendly living room. Look for one that comes upholstered in an easy to maintain fabric like a microfiber or chenille or if you prefer a casual laidback look slipcovered sofas are a great option!

Neutral medium tone colors like gray, taupe, blues and mustard work as a good backdrop that can be dressed up with pillows and throws!


4. Layered storage

We all know storage is essential with kids and all the stuff that comes along with them! However it’s not just about the cabinets, storage shelves and designated cupboards in their rooms.

Its more about the layers of storage that are built into your shared living space….the bins under the media console, the basket next to your sofa or the storage bins in your bookshelf. These small storage pieces let you hide away those blocks, board games and toys in a jiffy!


5. Make the most of your walls

Open floor space is valuable when you have little kids. One of my favorite tips is to make use of your walls by using tall bookshelves that can hold your prized possessions and knick-knacks on the top shelves keeping them safe from little hands and the lower shelves can be used as storage.

Another way to use your walls is as a decorative tool to bring in color and visual interest. Think bold paint, mirrors, art, wall hangings or even create a gallery wall of your kid’s favorite art amongst other pieces to bring in an element of fun and whimsy!


I hope we have been able to give you some ideas on how to decorate your very own family friendly living room! While you are at it, do send us some pics of your space 🙂