Home Tour – Katie’s Contemporary Chic Apartment!

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on December 9, 2016

I have always looked at beautiful home tours in some of my favorite blogs and been inspired! One of my goals when I started the weespaces blog was to be able to provide similar inspiration to our readers and followers.

I’m so excited to kick off our home tours series on the blog! We will focus on homes that reflect a unique and different design aesthetic and give readers ideas and inspiration on how to achieve a similar style as well as the design process behind it!

Our home tours will also focus on the impact of culture, personal lifestyle and family on your design aesthetic. I have always found it fascinating how where we come from and where we have lived influence our design sensibilities so much!

I can see influences of Indian colors, patterns and architecture in my design as much as I can see the easy relaxed California style and modern midcentury elements.

At weespaces we pride in creating not only family friendly but family focused spaces and that’s another influence that I am inspired by…to see how style evolves when you decorate around a family!


HOME TOUR – Katie & Hamish Forsman

Our first home tour covers the home of my dear friends Katie & Hamish and their two adorable girls Mia & Eva! New Zealanders living in Bangalore, India with an eye for all things good 🙂

Modern, minimal, happy and chic….this home reflects the personality of its owners so beautifully!


Here is more about the home and Katie’s decorating style! A graphic designer by profession I can see Katie’s touches throughout the home from the eye grabbing Enzo Mari print to the beautiful oriental influenced silk pillows on the couch! The furniture is clean and simple in tones of gray and white allowing these design elements to stand out!


I think my style could be described as comfortable contemporary, family friendly, practical.


I look to my family and friends for inspiration, home magazines,  plus lots of online blogs and instagram feeds.

Favorite piece/element/item

My black and white stripe hall runner! It was one of my first purchases in India for my bungalow back in New Zealand, coincidentally it was also the perfect fit for our apartment here in Bangalore. We got it custom made in New Zealand wool at 1/3 of the price I was quoted back in NZ, boom!

First big purchase/biggest splurge

Whilst living in London we splurged on a piece of art by a kiwi artist living in New York at the time. I was desperate to put something up on our wall of our newly refurbished apartment and I rushed the purchased after seeing it online. Won’t make that mistake again!

Influence of your family on your style

I am surrounded by family and friends who are both very clever and talented! Both my mother and mother-in-law have incredible taste so I’m always inspired by their design styles. My Mum has a knack for upcycling old pieces giving them a new lease of life whether it is with a new lick of paint, new fabric or new tabletops on old legs, without having to break the bank. We recently re-upholstered our couch and sanded back our dining table and it has completely transformed our living space. We have 2 small children so think it would be a waste of money at this point in our lives to spend thousands on designer furniture when it would just get trashed, hence we stick to pretty affordable bigger pieces and perhaps splurge a little more on soft furnishings.

Dream buys

Gosh there are so many, but if I have to pick one then I would love to deck out our garden in New Zealand with the Amalfi Teak Outdoor Collection from Design Warehouse. https://designwarehouse.co.nz/seating-collections/teak-deep-seating/amalfi-teak-outdoor-furniture-collection.html

I hope you enjoyed this home tour as much I did! Stay tuned for another beautiful home with a story:)