Project Reveal – The Modern Scandi Apartment – Part II

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on November 7, 2019

We hope you soaked in all the design details from the first part of the Modern Scandi Apartment Reveal, cause we’re here to spill the tea on the more private bedroom sections of the home.

The bedrooms in this home carry through the Scandi spirit, are full of personality and bring in the warm and cozy. The master bedroom, guest bedroom and study are each young, easy on the eye and we had such a great time putting these spaces together!

Master Bedroom

This compact master bedroom was designed with a great emphasis on function. The room is the perfect union of comfort, understated luxury and functionality. We’ve used a breezy and cool color palette, simple art to tie the colors in and a bold chair for visual interest.

The accent wall in the bedroom is a treat to the eyes! It’s that quintessential shade of blue with undertones of green that marries warm and cool beautifully. The high back grey upholstered bed anchors the accent wall and becomes the focal piece in the space.

The lightwood custom nightstands further build on the Scandi vibe of the space with their minimal persona. It was a conscious decision to increase the length of the bedside pendants so they’d come down to the bed’s headboard level and we love the drama it creates as it becomes an integral part of the visual frame. 😉

The art on the bed wall is minimal and reigns in the colors beautifully! The upholstery in the form of cushion covers, pillows and the lumbar on the bed are all custom made and pick on the colors in the space and tie things together.


The minimal geometric patterned grey & off-white rug grounds the whole room, letting all the elements stand out. We’ve created a cozy reading nook with a bold forest green high-back chair from Ikea and a live-edge round side table.

The lady of the home had a special request right from the start regarding a custom vanity unit! The walk-in wardrobe section of the room was converted into the same accompanied by the clean-lined white wardrobes with gorgeous custom handmade wood handles. The nook has a nice long mirror flanked on two sides by strips of vanity lights and ample storage. The master bathroom is sleek with a countertop mounted sink, a long mirror & a white wall light fixture.

The master bedroom brings together the Scandi palette so effortlessly- we love how the blue palette makes us feel anything but gloomy! 😊

Guest Bedroom

Would you believe us if we told you that the palette of this room came together all kudos to the artwork on the wall? We loved this cityscape art print for all its colors which had hues like orange, red, pink and grey. This warm scheme of colors has been carried through with the upholstery on the bed, hence making the space look tied in together.

The bed is the Malm bed by Ikea which has clean lines and an all-white look which perfectly complemented the pops of color across the space. Custom wall-mounted platform bedside drawers add to the functionality in the space available. Antique wall sconces add that touch of whimsy and bring in warmth into the space.

A small dresser space was created in the niche that preexisted in the room. The custom white & wood chest of drawer’s unit has our heart as it marries efficient design and the perfect Scandi theme. 😊

The ash-brown wardrobe laminate is one of our personal favorites in terms of laminate choices across the house, it’s a twist on the generic laminate choices and adds a lovely touch to the guest room as it was a large unit in the space.

One of our favorite elements in this space is the subtle paint variation we created on the bedroom wall. We had two small niches and decided to paint them a shade lighter and add sconces as well as recessed wall mounted bedside tables there. We highlighted the larger offset wall which has the headboard in a slightly darker shade and this brings in depth and dimension to this very small space!

Understated and warm. Perfect to hosts any longtime guests, this space is super cozy!


It’s safe for us to say that this part of the home was one of the most loved sections during the Open House! The study was designed for the client whose only brief was for it to be comfortable, functional and travel-inspired.

The hero of the space has got to be the desk wall where each element engages with the other to create sheer magic! The custom-made desk has a pinewood top and file cabinet style pull-outs that make it perfect to work from home.

The gallery wall has been created with a beige-pink hue rectangular band that hosts travel-themed art pieces including an intricate color-soaked world map print and maps of the client’s favorite cities like Paris & Bengaluru! 😊

The opposite side of the room has been curated as a warm nook that doubles up as a lounging section and reading corner to sit back and unwind in.  The ink-blue Urban Ladder sofa cum bed has been paired with a bold geometric rug from Ikea. A stark black Ikea floor lamp and the wall mounted pinewood shelves add that touch of personality to the whole space, making it the perfect spot to relax in.

An ideal space to hunker down and get some work done but also to wind down at the end of a long day.

We’ve reveled in the joy of designing and curating this home at every stage and this concludes the two-part reveal of the Modern Scandi Apartment. Hope you’ve enjoyed this process as much as we did!


Stay tuned for our newer projects and more😊

Content by Lavanya Chopra for Weespaces

All Pictures Shot by Parth Swaminath