From boring basement to a Mancave!

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on April 24, 2019

Cocktails, a game on the television and the company of friends and family. Doesn’t this make for a great mental visual at the end of a long day? With this space, the family wanted to create an entertainment den which could also flexibly double up as a guest room if need be.

The tight area of less than 500 sqft posed as a challenge, but also was a great impetus towards conjuring to life a dark, moody but definitely not dingy space! This room was conceptualized as the laid-back section of the home where the clients could lounge, entertain and even indulge in watching television together.
The dark grey wall in the mancave was certainly a tough call to make. The clients were initially a little hesitant as they felt that a dark palette such as the one used, may make the space seem smaller and dingy. Although, what we had in mind was to utilize the color as a protagonist in the space and layer the rest of the space with light and bright elements to create visual contrast.

The overall feel of the space is a modern industrial vibe but with undertones of vintage old-world charm. We used a clean white look for the bar unit cabinetry which complemented the collage of colors and patterns exhibited by the dado tiles which the client already had. Since the space also had to double up as a guest room, a day bed and closet space were included in the scheme of the design. The custom-made grey leather chesterfield sofa binds the room together with its suave presence and comfort. The sofa is the perfect spot for the family to sink in and enjoy a game together! The raw wooden high table and stools behind the sofa add an earthy and stylish touch to the space. The aim behind the strategic placement of the high table behind the sofa was to allow users to grab a beverage at the bar and to comfortably view the television. The addition of the table not only makes for comfortable seating and a better viewing experience but also best utilizes the tight space we had to work with. The rug of course, adds a great deal of color and vibrancy to the space, which acts as a great contrast to the statement grey wall.

The modern industrial mancave makes for the quintessential union between upbeat aesthetics and functionality in a space that the family can just kick-back, relax and entertain in, all with great ease. We hope you have been able to take away some design inspiration for your spaces with this project reveal. Don’t forget to take a moment to unwind while you’re at the grind!

Stay tuned for more project updates 🙂

Content by Lavanya Chopra for Weespaces

Photography Credits: Dileep Kumar