Project Reveal – The European Farmhouse Villa – Private Spaces

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on October 26, 2021

If you have had the chance to walk through the living spaces of this villa, you know how nuanced and beautiful the spaces are and how true to character we have tried to keep the home.
The private spaces are no different and bring in the same old world charm and character in a fresh modern and restrained way! They set a mood, tell a story and most of all feel like home 🙂


Before we take you up the stairs into the larger private spaces, the ground floor houses a bedroom that we treated as the couple’s parents bedroom.

Parent’s Bedroom
The inspiration for this bedroom stemmed from wanting the colour green to become the visual protagonist. The statement monochrome botanical wallpaper imbues a minimalistic feel into the room against which the preowned charcoal upholstered bed has been placed in tandem with open-legged wooden nightstands above which the white-globed sconces levitate.

The colour green permeates the space in the form of plush velvet curtains, expressing the depth of the hue while taking in the green views of the surrounding landscape. A blush pink rocking chair occupies a quiet reading corner in the bedroom by the windows. The solid hues in the room have been interjected by the neutral striped rug which grounds the space. A soft sage washes the wardrobe’s exterior, linking it with the omnipresence of green in the palette.

Walking up the stairs we knew we had to create a moment and the staircase landing in this home stops you to take a moment and gaze up 🙂

Inspired by a Spanish influence, the primary staircase of the home was transformed to ensure that the presiding design language carries through. The balustrade now comprises suave matte black metal members which connect in the form of a continuous teak-toned handrail that sculpts itself along the stairwell. A set of 9 art prints from the house of British Artist William Morris have been curated to layer the landing space, introducing an interplay of colour and pattern in the space.


Home Theatre
Immersive in its milieu, the home theatre is the couple’s cinematic retreat within the comfort of their home. The sliding barn door is enveloped in a black chevron pattern on the outside and boasts of a leather padding on the interior with rivet detailing. Functionally designed to create an engaging environment, the home theatre exudes a dark and moody identity with the slate grey hue tinting the walls and ceiling uniformly.

The wall mouldings create intentional nooks for the display of movie posters, showcasing some of the couple’s go-to favourites while staying connected to the classical persona of the residence. The ergonomic lounge furniture stays true to the doses of ochre and deep blues that can be spotted across the abode’s shared spaces.

Master Bedroom
Designed with a deep-dyed penchant for the traditional European aesthetic, the strength of the room’s character lies in its love affair with lyrical nuances. Autumnal colours like ivory, off-whites and mustard paired with accents of black brew visual sorcery in this sanctuary for the couple.

The poster bed with its linen headboard becomes the objet d’art in the room and culminates as a bed-end bench. Archetypal wooden nightstands have been coupled with massive wall sconces that delicately illuminate the bedsides. The pastoral landscape vintage art print above the headboard borrows its hues from the area rug that is garbed in the colours of fall.

A wood dresser with a brass-framed mirror layers the wall opposite the resting space, further celebrating the deliberately dated charm of the room. The fluted-front wardrobe finished in an off-white shade becomes an extension of the room’s volume.

Master Bathroom
The warmth of the colour palette seeps into the ensuite bathroom of the master. The veined pink onyx double vanity is backed by textured beige subway tiles which extend into the shower in the form of peachy patterned tiles, creating a sense of visual interest. Hints of brass and glass make a cameo in the form of sanitary ware, round wall mirrors and dainty lighting pendants.

Guest Bedroom
Strung together with a driving inclination to introduce an impactful punch of colour while creating a soulful oasis for its inhabitants, the guest bedroom splits the expanse of its walls to summon forth a duality in colour and surface finishes.
The walls encasing the room have been demarcated by a running wooden profile which renders the bottom half of the panelled surfaces in a salmon-blush tone while the top half in a neutral and pared-down hue. The walls travel the perimeter of the wall, bookending as the wardrobe which also sports the blush tone seamlessly.

The woven cane and wood arched-back bed and complementary bedside tables allow a modern-bohemian essence to trickle into the bedroom. This aesthetic is further elevated in the form of the duo of botanical watercolour prints, the patterned greige rug and the bold eclectic upholstered bed-end bench. An elliptical standing mirror occupies a corner of the room, amplifying the sense of space and light within.

The Den & Home Office
Conceptualised straight off the bat as a space for Arun and Ancy to unwind and possibly host loved ones in, the den is an informal and versatile zone in the home. Meant for evenings dedicated to playing board games and lounging, we introduced a replica of the Mah Jong Modular Sofa that injects colour and diverse function into the space. A beautiful indigo hand made art piece by Hansika Sharma sits against the white brick wall!
The colour and pattern-hewn upholstery pop brightly against the textured white brick walls. A sumptuous cane pendant, lively woven rug and central wood coffee table embellish the space. The adjoining wall hosts recreational elements like a dartboard ensemble for the couple and their friends to enjoy!

A dedicated minimalist yet effective workstation has been amalgamated into the layout in the form of a running desk with drawers below, overhead cabinetry and open shelving cloaked in a warm white.

The attached bathroom embodies a zesty tropical character wherein a neoteric bathtub completes the space. Wooden-finished panels line the ceiling, and a grid of hexagonal botanical-printed tiles visually dominate the wall’s canvas. The arched mirror leans against the ledge atop a vanity dotted with light wood and white tones.

At the European Farmhouse Villa, the creative freedom for us as a design firm assumed a newfound definition. With clients who were absolute troopers in spirit, we were able to create a seamless blend of spaces that enabled the resonant design vocabulary and the facets of functionality to come together in harmony, thus creating an atmosphere that echoes quintessential European-style expression.

Content – Lavanya Chopra for Weespaces

All photos shot by Ishita Sitwala