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Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on October 10, 2021

Almost one year to the date since we started working on this gorgeous home, in the midst of the pandemic, our clients moved in! I truly believe beautiful people make beautiful homes….and this one is another outstanding example of that. Arun and Ancy made this one of our most immersive, nuanced and fun projects to work on….from the minute you are at the front door you know you are in a home that embodies its vibrant and warm home owners.

Bringing this home to life was a passion project of sorts, every little detail thought through and a clear vision that helped us navigate this journey without losing focus and at the same time with the signature spontaneity that we yearn to retain in all our designs 🙂

So excited to be sharing with you’ll all about this gorgeous home ….



Light-filled inviting homes, playful doses of colour and expansive floor plans that allow the outdoors and indoors to converse. The imagery that comes to mind is that of a classic European-influenced farmhouse sequestered far from the reaches of urban chaos.

We crossed paths with the sprightly young couple in early 2020. Ancy Lina and Arun Kumar’s personas are a physical representation of the analogy of ‘Yin and yang’ but in the best way possible! While Ancy’s idea of the aesthetic of the home was connected to a vivid vision, Arun’s practical approach towards design allowed us to string together a design narrative that represented the union of a strong design grammar and functionality.

Located in the residential suburbs of eastern Bangalore, The European Farmhouse Villa is a two-floor residence spanning across 4,000 square feet and was conceptualised and executed amidst a flurry of lockdowns. While the home had to pay homage to the overruling design palette, we were particular to pack in function-driven interventions. The design ethos lay in the creation of a rustic European-inspired farmhouse essence that could come alive within the bare shell of the residence.

Transportive in its aura, the design interventions engage the senses to allow the inhabitants to dwell in a hacienda-style abode, laced with focal details like that of cascading chandeliers, stained glass windows, stucco-sheathed walls, and a spectrum of eclectic patterned tiles. With unpredictable timelines hanging in the balance, the challenge was to ensure the home was not over-designed and that we retained that sense of ingrained spontaneity that we celebrate as Designers! The goal at hand was also to create a cohesive identity that flowed uninterruptedly across the home, tying in each room to the overall design matrix.


The Porch

A fleeting yet impactful rendezvous at first glance, the outdoor porch section acquaints one with the design inspiration of the home in a glance! The stucco-clad walls at the façade level hint at the materiality that one can anticipate indoors. The patterned tiles swathe the flooring, introducing shades of blue, taupe and an oxide red. The statement deep blue main door is reminiscent of classic English country home entrances and has been detailed with brass inlay. The tall glass floor lantern and Victorian wall sconce whimsically grace the nook while framing the calligraphic signage.


The petit foyer dons a rooted feel and has been reimagined as a minimalistic interpretation of a mudroom that is characteristic of farmhouse dwellings. Washed in umber and taupe tones, a cantilevered wood bench floats against a panelled segment of the wall. A series of wall hooks double up on the function of a classic coat rack, while earthy rattan makes a debut in the form of the woven round area rug and the flush-mount ceiling light which casts beautiful shadows.

Living Room

Flushed with light and colossal in its scale, the double-height living area occupies the heart of the blueprint and is bathed in traditional farmhouse undertones. The stucco-finished wall introduces a sense of texture and warmth into the space, creating a neutral canvas against which restrained hues assume centre stage.

The lofty volume of the space is punctuated by a quartet of stained-glass windows that filter light into the space in strobes of tinted illumination. A trio of black metal chandeliers by The Purple Turtles waft into the double-height space, crowning the conversation area below.

A set of two chesterfield sofas by Chesters in soft olive green are paired with tan loungers framed in sleek black metal silhouettes. A pared-down white marble top coffee table sits atop the artisanal traditional-motif neutral rug by Jaipur Rugs. A dark-stained console with vintage brass handles poses fittingly against the stucco walls and has been peppered with a landscape art print that fills the space with an old-world charm.

Family Lounge

A serene spot perched by the threshold that unfolds into the lush backyard, the family lounge has been conceived as a delightful space meant for the clients to unwind or to entertain loved ones in, capitalising upon its adjacency to the outdoors.

A deep-seated taupe sectional sofa and a Belgian sloping armchair in French blue cum ottoman grace this space while mustard and wood tones layer the area. Deep navy curtains introduce a welcome accent of colour into the lounge.

The alfresco deck boasts textured patterned flooring, wooden ceiling beams and a cocoon swing to enjoy downtime outdoors.

An array of arches lines the backdrop of the family lounge wherein the former narrower arch has been fashioned to frame a built-in collage of open wood shelves and dark-stained cabinetry below, creating a charming vignette in the space formerly meant to be a puja in the builder plan. The second massive sweeping arch leads into the kitchen and dining areas, with views of the sizeable picture window in the background.

Kitchen & Dining

A true-blue ode to the classic farmhouse-style dwellings, the open-plan kitchen and dining are the nucleus of familial buzz — a space that hosts morning cuppas brewing by the coffee station and dinner conversations by the banquet dining nook! The former wall housed an access door to the ancillary sections of the home which was sealed to create a sizeable wood-framed picture window that peeks into the collage of greens outdoors.

The U-shaped kitchen engulfs the dining area as an organic part of its layout. True to the vision harboured for the space from the get-go, the kitchen is a concoction of classic countryside elements meshed with all the bells and whistles of a modern and functionally adept one!

A classic palette of deep teal-hued cabinetry, brass hardware, and ubiquitous usage of white marble dot the canvas of the kitchen. The golden rule of the ‘kitchen triangle’ was kept alive in the layout, creating distinct zones to optimise function. The pièce de résistance becomes the white apron sink that rests below the crisp black-frame windows lined by bronze gooseneck wall sconces. The handsome marble douses the countertop surfaces and traverses the backsplashes to finally culminate as sleek open shelves.

An eat-in kitchen was always on the cards for the clients as they visualised cooking while indulging in simultaneous conversations across the day. The dining space has been earmarked by a banquet seat under the picture window, a robust oval wood pedestal dining table and a few café chairs that rest under the wooden ceiling beams.

Butler’s Pantry & Beverage Bar

The butler’s pantry flanking the dining area houses a wall-mounted washbasin with under-counter storage. The left side of the pantry hosts a larder, and the right side makes room for additional storage. The hero in this compact space is the ombre-washed tiles that dabble in a spectrum of blues and greens.

A custom coffee and tea bar made for an idyllic addition, creating a dedicated corner for the beverage connoisseurs the clients are at heart. A distressed wood console adds umpteen storage to the nook while the chalkboard introduces a sense of whimsy!


Text – Lavanya Chopra for Weespaces

Pics shot by Ishita Sitwala