Project Reveal Part II – The Modern Mediterranean Kitchen

Created by Vinithra Amarnathan on December 19, 2019


Aah I love this kitchen! When we first met, Kaustubha said her heart was set on a blue and white kitchen and this set the tone for the home. I remember walking through this home and standing at the entrance of the kitchen imagining the wall gone and a big picture window with a hanging pendant over it!

When I stand now and look, to see that vision come to life is such an amazing feeling 🙂

Structural changes

We broke down the wall on the right and took the puja niche provided into the study to create wardrobes. That gave us an open view of the kitchen and a clean long wall facing the lounge and dining area.

Next we broke down the small kitchen window and created the biggest window we could and swapped out the door with a glass top door to continue the uninterrupted view!


Now that we had a large open kitchen to work with we worked on the layout. We have the sink under the window, the cooktop in the middle of the kitchen and the refrigerator and oven right behind creating the perfect work triangle.

Since the kitchen itself was large we could afford to have enough storage on the other end and a custom pantry unit that took care of most of the storage needs.

This allowed us to add open shelves on either side of the cooktop / chimney to bring in that feeling of openness and make for easy stacking of every day serveware!

I can’t miss the lovely breakfast counter we created by extending the same quartz stone countertop along the length of the kitchen supported by a custom made wood pillar leg that brings in that unexpected traditional element in an otherwise modern space!

We kept the counter open at the bottom to slide in a couple bar stools.

Color palette

Blue and white was what our client wanted….but what’s unexpected here is the midnight blue of the cabinets! The tile was a beautiful white and blue…..but we didn’t really want to pick the blue off the tile and instead went notches deep in the color range to create cabinets in a rich warm tone of blue. I love this because it was a large enough kitchen to handle that bold color and we balanced it by keeping all other elements white or wood!

The open shelves and the custom pillar leg bring in the warmth of wood.

Simple brass knobs & a grey natural quartz sink round off this beautiful kitchen 🙂


A pair of pendants hanging over the kitchen sink and the breakfast counter was part of that vision I had and I love how that has come together! Brass and glass pendants add a clean chic look.

The gooseneck sconces above the wood shelves are different and I love how the mixing of metals and shapes in the lighting keeps it interesting!

This kitchen combines form and function beautifully and makes for a lovely statement in the modern mediterranean home.

All photographs shot by Shamanth Patil.